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“I strive to understand my clients’ unique needs and to develop a plan of defense tailored to their specific situations and goals. Your rights, reputation, family, and livelihood are simply too important to settle for anything less. Contact me today to request a consultation.” – Eric J. Evilsizer, Attorney


Eric Evilsizer is a Criminal Defense attorney who knows the law and knows how the court system works. Each Judge has his or her own way of running a court room and Mr. Evilsizer makes it his business to know them. Practicing in multiple counties and in front of many different judges all over the state of Florida, Eric Evilsizer knows his way around a courtroom.

Having been a criminal trial attorney for nearly 20 years, he has had many criminal defense trials. Eric Evilsizer began his career at the Office of the Public Defender in Citrus County. It was there he realized that criminal law was his passion. At the Public Defender’s office Eric Evilsizer sat first chair on a number of trials and was also involved in many other high-profile cases.

Before founding his own firm, he worked at The Law Offices of Whittel and Melton. It was there where he logged thousands of hours in court in nearly 100 different courtrooms. Trying cases in different counties in front of many different Judges has been instrumental to him becoming an accomplished trial attorney. He has gotten Not Guilty verdicts on batteries, aggravated batteries, grand thefts, drug possessions, driving under the influences, sex crimes, and all other kinds of felonies and misdemeanors. When you hire Eric Evilsizer, you can rest assured that your attorney is not nervous or afraid to go to trial.

Eric Evilsizer gained his passion for fighting for clients in the sports arena. He was a star golfer and basketball player in high school and was a 4 year varsity letterman in golf at Marietta College. He continues his competitiveness in sports by regularly competing in golf tournaments and championships.

After graduating from Marietta College on academic scholarship, Eric Evilsizer attended Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida where he excelled in the classroom. He is an aggressive advocate who knows the law. If your case is in need of such an attorney, contact him today.


“I am passionate about what I do, and I will be with you every step of the way. I will go the extra distance for you, above and beyond the law, to ensure that you get the defense, the answers, and results you deserve.”

Eric J Evilsizer • Attorney